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Contract with Photographer

The following points are very important and should be covered in the photographer’s contract with you:

  • The name of the photographer that will attend your wedding [This should be the person whose work you have approved]
  • The photographer has appropriate insurance against failure to complete the work or provide the images agreed upon
  • The times that s/he will arrive and leave
  • The number of proofs you will view and/or keep in order to pick your enlargements and/or keep
  • The description of the package you ordered
  • A list of guaranteed prices for enlargements. If they have a brochure with prices then get the photographer to write down that the prices in the brochure they gave you are the prices that you will be charged
  • The cut-off date for these brochure prices
  • All additional charges, services, taxes, travel, etc
  • An explanation of what happens if your photographer doesn’t show up or equipment fails
  • The date and deposit amount and how and when the balance is to be paid
  • Whether the deposit is refundable or not if you have to cancel
  • The deposit is fully refundable if the photographer cancels
  • Your name, address and phone number. The names and addresses of the ceremony and reception locations