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Choosing the Date

Spring weddings in the UK, March – May:

  • Foliage is returning to the trees
  • Flowers (daffodils, bluebells, etc) may be blooming but many others aren’t
  • Temperatures are picking up but can’t be guaranteed. The sun may still be relatively low, particularly early in the season, and this can cast long shadows on photographs taken late in the afternoon
  • There are a number of spring bank holidays to consider

    Spring is a less popular season for weddings than both summer and autumn. However, there are some good reasons to marry in the spring:

  • Because it’s less popular, booking the church/venue/cars of your choice is often easier
  • Venues often have discounted rates and special offers
  • Holidays (honeymoons) can generally be booked for less
  • Churches may be full of spring flowers around Easter time

    Flowers in season include roses, tulips, hyacinth, lilies, calla lilies and gerbera daisies

    If you choose a spring wedding we recommend you have the ceremony relatively early in the day so that you have enough good daylight for photographs.

    Summer weddings in the UK, June – August:

  • Flowers are in full bloom
  • Temperatures are typically at their best but the UK does have a temperate climate and you can never guarantee a dry day!
  • The sun is higher in the sky, particularly in June and July, making it a good season for both early and late weddings
  • This is the most popular season for weddings so it may be harder to book your preferred church/venue

    Flowers in season include roses, tulips, hyacinth, lilies, calla lilies and gerbera daisies, sunflowers, orchids, and many more!

    If you choose a summer wedding book early but don’t commit to either church (if you’re having a church wedding, that is) or venue without confirming that both are available on the same day! Do consider the option of a mid-week wedding if you’re looking to keep costs down or have a particular venue in mind.

    Booking an early or late summer wedding may reduce the cost of you honeymoon, as the school holiday period can be avoided.

    Autumn weddings in the UK, September – November:

  • Many flowers are still in bloom
  • Temperatures are often good throughout September and into mid-October but morning may be noticeably cooler
  • From October onwards, the sun is noticeably lower in the sky, casting long shadows by early afternoon
  • Autumn is often dry and foliage on trees may take on a warm golden or red appearance

    Many flowers are still available throughout much of autumn; however, the use of autumn berries and grasses complement the harvest season and these are becoming more and more popular.

    If marrying in the autumn, we recommend having your ceremony late morning or early afternoon to avoid any chill in the air and allow plenty of afternoon sunshine for your photographs.

    Winter weddings in the UK, December – February:

  • Trees are generally bare and there is usually not much colour on the ground
  • Temperatures are noticeably colder. This may be evident in photographs – less colourful grounds, guests well wrapped up and shivering bridal parties!
  • Daylight hours are very short, so it will be difficult to get really good outdoor photographs if your service takes place in the afternoon
  • Many venues will be booked for seasonal parties so availability may be tight or at a premium
  • Holidays bookings may be cheaper but only in out-of-season destinations

    Obviously, there is a smaller choice of flowers available during the winter. However, as with autumn, these can be supplemented with holly berries and leaves, mistletoe and other such varieties to create a wonderful seasonal look.

    Winter is often dry but usually cold. The low position of the sun casts long shadows and gives rise to strong contrasts. We recommend an early ceremony and a venue that has interesting architecture and evergreen trees rather than deciduous varieties to maximise your potential for good photographs.

    The contrast of white dresses against warm colourful backgrounds in the summer may be lost in the winter; consider colours that will complement the season: champagne, ivory or burgundy can be stunning!


    Before visiting any venues consider the significance of your proposed date – does it coincide with any other significant events? For instance, choosing FA Cup Final day could end a few of your friends’ marriages or result in fewer of your male friends being happy to celebrate your nuptials!

    Having decided on a date, if getting married in a church, make sure your reception venue is also available on the same day before making your booking.